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There is such a debate about these along our coast line but in a strange way I actually like them.



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My 8 year old son told me that this was an old fort that was destroyed in the war……..


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This was taken on a farm in far South Victoria out in the middle of nowhere.  It was a shame that I couldn’t get the wind to blow right so that we could see all of the flag.

Very Strange

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I am not sure what it is that we found

Rugged Coastline

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What you looking at?

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Shouldn’t you be asleep! Nocturnal hey? I dont think so. This little fella didn’t even look tired.

4 years ago we went to the same place and there were 100’s of Kolas this time there were only a handful.  I believe it is now legal to cull kolas in Victoria. Sad really. But I should have taken a photo of all the trees that they had destroyed maybe this is why.