About Me

I thought I would change the “About Me” section as I have been doing this for 6 mths now and I feel as if I am finally finding my feet.

My original posts are all SOOC but over the last 2 mths, if I have had the time, I have been playing around with photoshop a little. Fixing this, adjusting that. Well just small adjustments really. I am still learning.

If you have a comment or suggestion to make about any of my photos, I would love to hear them. Please if you do not like the photo, I would be happy to hear that too. Especially if you can offer suggestions on how you would have done it better.

I come from Melbourne, Australia. Married with 2 beautiful boys, my youngest has Aspergers.


9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. rinnysphotos,

    Hi there, Its great that you have joined the group, your photos look very good, so don’t be scared, just jump right in. Here is a tip for you if you didn’t already know. When you edit your photo and are finished save it with a different name, in the save as, under file. That way you don’t change the original photo at all and you save your edited photo with a different name. Welcome to the group.
    tterlyn aka Terry

  2. Welcome and you can have fun here.
    I am also new to all this but surviving and enjoying all the comments and helpful suggestions.

    There is a lot to learn about effective use of your blog and you have a beautiful one! So just dig on in.

    The people here are very helpful and supportive with an abundance of knowledge they will share.

    This is my first stop every morning to see so great work.

    Your work is really nice so keep showing us the good stuff and have a ball.

  3. Hello! Welcome to VPw2010!!

    My sister Esther “twisted” my arm early last year and I joined this group. I have learned soooo much about photography since I joined. Still don’t know much about cameras however. 😦

    I read your comment on my sister Esther’s site this evening. I was astonished that you were acquainted with my blog and writing as I’ve not seen you around before. Next time you visit, even if you don’t have anything much to say, at least say “hello!” 😀

    Until we have the occasion to meet again, Shalom.

    • Thank you for the welcome. I meant to leave a message on your site but after reading your bio I ran out of time!

      I just seem to have little fits and bursts of time lately and didn’t realise I didn’t get around to comment, so I apologise. You have had such a full and eventful life. You make me feel as if I am just starting out. Which is scary as I am already sooooo exhausted !

      I am really enjoying everyone’s photos and blog pages andI find it is an excellent challenge for me to have to get out there and take photos of a certain theme rather than just snapping away.

      I am looking forward to reading more about you and your wonderful life!

      • Thanks for the reply. It is good that you are so young. I always said that I knew why the Lord gave children to the young. I was 57 years old when we gained custody of our 22 mo old granddaughter. If my late husband hadn’t helped out [he never did with his own!! :D], I think I would have died as I worked full time from our home and tried to manage a needy child too!! As the caregiver, you must take care of yourself first or you won’t be fit to take care of your sons. Same principal applies on an airliner. Get the oxygen on yourself first because if you pass out, who will take care of the children? I’ll quit preaching. 😀

  4. Lovely words of wisdom. Thank-you. I always tell my husband “Happy wife = Happy life”. I know that if I dont do a good job in looking after myself, I wont do a good one looking after anyone else. I love your writing so you can preach as much as you like! I wish I was as good with words.

    • Do I call you Rinny?

      While the family was all still at home, I had no particular desire to write, nor did the thought ever occur to me. But then my older sister lost her husband. She lived in CA and we lived in Seattle. Cards just didn’t say what I wanted to say. So one night, after going to bed, stewing about her situation and praying for her, a poem came to me. It was so strong, that I was compelled to get up and write it down before I forgot it. I always say the Lord gave that poem to me. I won’t go into the whole tale, but my sister was touched deeply by the poem. Some while later, a friend set it to music. Since then, it has been used in about 50 or more eulogies and has received some acclaim. Then later, a friend lost her husband, and I wrote another one. Then over time, yet another one. Then my father passed and I wrote a poem for him, which was read at his memorial service. I didn’t know it, but at that service was a person who started what was then a large writing group and I was invited to join. Long story short, one thing led to another and first thing I knew, I was writing essays about childhood events, my life, that of my children. I didn’t know how to write either. But learned. I soon found myself in charge of two poetry critique groups, then received some recognition amongst the writer’s group – many of who had degrees in creative writing and were published writers. Then we moved and I lost touch with the writing community and have never been able to find another group to attach myself to. I’ve since moved several times and still can’t find a group. But, I keep on writing – now mainly prose. I have to be moved by an event or situation before I sit to write a poem. All of this started happened I turned 50 years old. So there is hope for you yet if you really want to write. Start with a journal about your daily events. You’ll be astonished at how cathartic that can be! Instead of us writing here for everyone to see, why don’t you send your reply to me at pilgrim0391 at gmail dot com? Thanks!

  5. I feel a little strange welcoming you since I am only 4 days old and I am looking forward to continuing. I’ve met some interesting people and very good photogs including yourself.

    I have been blogging for about a year. It started as your typical 365 photo blog. I then started doing street photography and it than became a combination photo/social comentary.

    Some would call me a bleeding heart liberal but I get passionate when I see wrongs going not addressed. Anyway you will see where my heart is…on my sleeve.

    I just noticed that my email rrosen1@maine.rr.com is listed as private. I’ll have to figure out how to change that.

    Keep up the good work. You have a lot of talent.

    • Thanks Bob. It is great to meet you too. I look forward to seeing your photos/blog properly when I hopefully get a chance later.

      Thanks for your praise. I have been thinking lately that I have been taking crap photos compared to some of the others but perhaps it is just content. Anyway it was nice to hear someone new saying nice things.

      Keep in contact!

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