It’s Surfing Time

Yep, in the middle of winter, that’s when we teach our young to surf! What a great beach this is. Bridgewater Beach. Where I was born. If you EVER get a chance…. it is worth it.


~ by rinnysphotos on July 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “It’s Surfing Time”

  1. I want to go there…looks like great fun in the sun! Love that surf!

  2. I love the beach. This is awesome!!

  3. You were born ON THE BEACH, no wonder they call you Gidget, Sandy. Too cold for Humans, perfect surfing weather for Victorians though, Gtray shot!

  4. I love the feel of anticipation in this shot, waiting for the wave. Very cool that you teach your kids and very cool that you can get in salt water in the winter and not die of hypothermia!

  5. Beautiful beach! I’d love for my kids to learn to surf. We never seem to have time for lessons when we visit California though…

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